Here is a collection of examples of my work with residential and commercial garage door parts in Ottawa.

Boost your curb appeal

We had a client refer a friend who was looking for a complete residential Ottawa garage door makeover.   This beautiful new garage door installation completely transformed the look of this home with a contemporary and sleek design.  We chose a satin finish, California style garage door with plenty of windows which brightens your interior garage space and keeps your privacy.   Our client was able to fully customize what they envisioned for their new modern garage door. Consider investing in a new garage door and garage door parts to help boost your curb appeal, modernize the look of your home and increase security and home value.



Bayshore Shopping Center

We were very excited to work with Bayshore Shopping Center to transform this commercial garage door.  The original garage door was made of wood and had begun to rot. When this happens, the garage is no longer secure or safe. We replaced the rotting wood garage with R16 steel garage door. We installed all new hardware and garage door parts, which increased the garage door insulation and durability. We chose big bright windows to allow lots of light into the shop.  Whether you have a rotten wood garage door, a broken spring or broken cable; we can help you repair your broken garage door. Ask us how we can transform your commercial garage door.


When a truck doesn't fit, we can help!

We worked with Myers Manotick Dodge car dealership to help enlarge their industrial garage door. We increased the size of the opening to allow for bigger vehicles to enter the garage, and installed a completely new garage door with all the necessary hardware and garage door parts.  The client chose a full glass door to match the rest of the building.  The full window garage doors are long lasting, weatherproof and the frames will not fade.  These doors are a great example of what can be used at a repair shop and fire stations.


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